“Through my artwork, I tell stories of the wild at heart. Encapsulating the beauty, heart and fragility of wild and rare horses in their natural world. My work explores the very essence of the freedom and peace horses evoke.

One of the most beautiful sights in the world is a horse running without restraint. Undoubtedly, the power of this wild abandon is why horses inspire my love for photography and fuel my continued creative journey. Horses stir many emotions within us, they are the embodiment of freedom and spirit. 

In Eastern spiritual traditions, they say that there’s a wind horse who exudes powerful positive energy that has the capacity to influence outcomes, people and society. 

They believe that Horses inspire us to have faith and believe in positive outcomes within our life. I find this truly inspiring and I’d love to think that the artwork I make has a little of this spirit and belief running through the very core of all my artwork as each and every horse I’m lucky enough to share a moment with and photograph is very special to me. They deserve their moment to shine and share their beauty, light and essence, elementally encapsulated within one of my prints for everyone who seeks their own personal wind horse.”


Based in the rural Pennines, Esther is an award-winning photographer and mixed media artist. Photographing horses is a way of life for Esther over most of her career, she has dedicated her time to photographing horses and other animals. Esther’s considered approach toward her subjects and artwork allows her empathy and understanding of horses to shine through.

From an early age, Esther recalls early memories as a child, going for walks and being mesmerised at the sight of sunlight dancing through a canopy of trees –

    “I remember the sun flare as I moved my head in indifferent directions to gaze more intensely at the trees. More than anything I remember closing my eyes for a brief moment and shutting them so tight in a childish act of trying to hold the sight of that beautiful light and that magical tree in my mind, forever.”

    “That memory of seeing the world through the eyes of a child still moves me to this day. Beautiful light, combined with my passion for horses and the emotions they evoke is the driving force behind my work”.

Esther went to Swansea University, studying sculpture, printing and photography culminating in her mixed media photo-encaustic work. Prior to becoming a self-employed artist, she worked as a Forensic Photographer at Greater Manchester Police and later at the UK Forensic Scientific Service.  A role which often sees the darker side of humanity, Esther soon returned to the peace of being amongst horses in their natural world.

Her work exclusively uses archival fine art papers, printed by hand and professionally crafted.  Her limited-edition photography can be purchased on her online gallery, seen at exhibitions or by private appointment. Esther also enjoys helping and supporting people of all ages on their photographic journey by creating workshops centred around horses.

Esther’s photography is renowned for capturing the heart, soul and beauty of all horses from domesticated to wild. This has also extended into animal advocacy, working alongside animal charities such as ACE, HAPPA and the RSPCA. Esther is proud to have created artwork raising awareness of animal welfare issues.


2016 – British Institute of professional photography(BIPP) awarded – Licentiateship Qualifield Member.

2019 – BIPP Award (Merit)

2019- BIPP Regional Wildlife Photographer North West.

2021 – Best Equine Photographer UK – SME Global Award

2021 -BIPP  Wild Life Photographer of the Year – North West & Noth East



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