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Based in the rural Pennines, Esther is an award-winning fine art photographer and photo-encaustic artist. Photographing horses is a way of life for Esther over most of her career, she has dedicated her time to photographing horses and other animals. Esther’s considered approach toward her subjects and artwork allows her love and understanding of horses to shine through. Creating artwork which is both beautiful, and emotive. Along with her commissioned work which truly captures horses spirit and personality giving their owners one-of-a-kind special artwork for their homes.

Esther went to Swansea University, studying sculpture, printing and photography culminating in her mixed media photo-encaustic work. Prior to becoming a self-employed artist, she worked as a Forensic Photographer at Greater Manchester Police and later at the UK Forensic Scientific Service. A role which often sees the darker side of humanity, Esther soon returned to the peace of being amongst horses in their natural world.

Esther’s photography is renowned for capturing the heart, soul and beauty of all horses from domesticated to wild. This has also extended into animal advocacy, working alongside animal charities such as ACE, HAPPA and the RSPCA. Esther is proud to have created artwork raising awareness of animal welfare issues.



2016 – British Institute of professional photography(BIPP) awarded – Licentiateship Qualified Member.

2019 – BIPP Award (Merit)

2019- BIPP Regional Wildlife Photographer North West.

2021 – Best Equine Photographer UK – SME Global Award

2021 -BIPP Wild Life Photographer of the Year – North West & Noth East

2022 – Refocus Awards – Equine (wildlife) photography Nominee


Work & Process

Through my horse fine art photography and photo-encaustic artwork, I tell stories of the wild at heart. Encapsulating the beauty, heart and soul of wild and domesticated horses in their natural world. My work explores the very essence of the freedom and peace horses evoke.

My process is a combination of photography and photo-encaustics both separately and intertwined.

I love working with beeswax in the studio, the texture and refracted light of each photo-encaustic piece has an ethereal feel, It is an ever-evolving creative process; it gives my work a deeper connection to the natural world using nature’s gift of beeswax. Some of my original photo-encaustic work is re-photographed and then the image is hand-printed onto beautiful printing papers, which adds another level of depth to my photographic work.


Spending time with horses

is where I feel most at home