All our artisan crafts people and framers have been carefully selected in order to provide the utmost care and quality for my artwork and deliver your luxury custom made artwork to you any where in the world. Our frames have UV Acrylic glazing which offers 99% UV protection. All limited edition prints, framed prints and mixed media artwork are printed on archival papers ensuring there longevity. we do our upmost to ensure you are thrilled with your new artwork each and everyone of my prints is speacial to me so I thought we would create a page dedicated to caring for your artwork to help you care and keep your prints, frames and photo-encaustic artwork in perfect condition once they take pride of place in your home. We hope you find this page helpful.


Fine Art Cotton Rag Smooth paper  has been carefuly selected as it offers a beautiful, smooth matte finish, the perfect choice for crisp detail. Due to humidity and changes in temperature, it is common for prints to have waves when unrolling for the first time. We advise your framer to dry-mount the work on acid-free board using archival tissue and materials. This will ensure that your print will remain flat once framed.


Our frames are handmade to order in New Zealand from high quality recyclable materials. All my frames do not require much more than the occasional light dusting. Using a dry, soft cloth is sufficient. Be careful not to use any chemical cleaners on the molding as they can amount to damage over time.

Should you wish to frame your print yourself  please take directly to a professional framer. as your print is very fragile. 


My Prints are not meant to be stored in a tube or packaging for long periods of time. Handling works without proper care can increase the likelihood of fingerprints and kinks.


Photo-encaustics is a lovely mixed media technique that uses beeswax and dammar resin as a medium to create encapsulated art work. You may love the techinueq but worry about investing in this kind of artwork because of the medium. When cared for properly, the surface of an photo-encaustic artwork is very durable. The photograph is incased in beeswax which is impervious to moisture so the image will not deteriorate, yellow or fade. therefore you do not have to protect it with glass. However like any other artwork, it need to be cared for.  Please read my guidence in caring for your photo-encaustics below.

After completion of an photo-encaustic piece of art, there is a curing process of a months. During this time any moisturre will work it’s way to the surface this may cause a slight cloudy haze which is called “bloom” If your artwork looks dull or a little cloudy it can be buffed with a soft lindt free clouth. You may have to repet this process a number of times until it stops reacurring. If your photo-encaustic artwork was created over a few months before purchase blooming will nor occare.

Under normal temeratures a photo-encaustic painting is stable. However, it can melt in high temperatures, aproximatley 150 degress so care should be taken and hang your artwork away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as fireplaces, or any other heat sources. If the artwork is subjected to very cold tempretures the cold can make the wax brittle and susceptible to cracking.

When moving your artwork please ensure you protect the surface, although the artwork is dry you can scratch or chip the wax if handled roughly.

If you are mindful of the guidence abouve your photo-encaustic artwork will be a beautiful addiotion to your art collection



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