Capturing Connection,Heart & Soul 

An experience to remember

I remember that very first horse snuggle I had when I was a little girl, from that moment I was hooked and from then on horses have been one of my great passions in life.

The love and connection you have with your horse is so special, they grow with you, love you and in the end, define your whole life. I believe every horse owner should own at least one original artwork of their horse, to have the most personal artwork you will ever own which lights you up with love every time you glance at it, is something I love to create for my clients.

When you commission Esther to create an original fine art print, framed/photo-encaustic artwork or Leather bound album of your horse the focus of your commissions is to create not just beautiful photographs of your horse, but photographs with timeless connection, love and emotions intertwined within the artwork itself. We guarantee you will hold the artwork Esther creates for you dear to your heart. The experience is carefully curated and every detail is tailor-made to suit your needs. Each signed hand-mounted print, framed, photo-encaustic artwork or handmade leather album is crafted to the highest museum standards with a lifetime guarantee to ensure your commissioned piece will leave a lasting legacy of your beloved horse.


What’s Involved

PLANNING -The photography experience begins with planning your photography commission, starting with a phone call, where Esther will chat about your horse and find out all about your vision for your artwork. Each commission is tailor-made for your needs carefully planning your artwork together at the pre-consultation calls.


CREATING YOUR ART– on the day of the photography commission, the focus is all on your horse and the connection you share creating your bespoke artwork in Esthers emotive style. Capturing everything you love about your horse. It’s a lovely experience which you will both enjoy. The creative process is done at your horse’s pace, so don’t worry if your horse isn’t cooperating as you would like, Esther has worked with many horses over the years and all are individual and their personality is what she wants to shine through in your artwork so it’s important that they are truly themselves, spirit and all!


ART CONSULTATION – It takes 10 days to carefully edit and create your final collection of beautiful fine art photography. You will be invited to an in-person viewing at your home with Esther. You will see a stunning range of handmade archival Frames, Albums and wall art to suit your interiors. Esther will be there to guide you and help you select the most perfect artwork for your home. You’ll also have the option to purchase additional artwork if you can’t decide! DELIVERING YOUR ARTWORK– Approximately 4 – 6 weeks later you will receive the most personal artwork you’ll ever own complete with an authentication certificate all ready to hang in your home.


I find your photography incredibly moving and get a sense of just “being” with no judgement, just being in the moment, the expression of innocence in their faces, the joys of play, then the thought in their eyes leaves me forever wondering what are they thinking?

Charlotte Bailey

Art Collector & horse owner

Esther’s work is exceptional. From brilliant customer service to amazing images and beautifully presented & wrapped final pieces. The whole experience has been a joy.
Esther was so calm and patient with my horses, a true animal lover and that shows in her photographs.
The photo encaustic artwork she created for me takes things even further, a truly one off original artwork, which I can’t stop looking at.
Anne Garrigan

Horse owner

It was great working with Esther, she was very at home and comfortable working around our animals who in turn were calm with her. She had a lot of patience and we were delighted with the end results.

Richard & Rachel Groke

Horse & Donkey Owners




This bespoke Fine Art photography print commission is a classical equine portrait to capture the beauty of your horse.

  • 1 hour of photography.
  • A beautiful 12-inch photograph signed and hand mounted.
  •  Plus a digital copy of your mounted fine art print.
  •  10% off any additional artwork purchased.

BOOKING FEE – £100 to secure your date, the remaining balance is due a week before the commission.




This bespoke Fine Art photography framed commission is tailored to your needs, from beautiful at-liberty photography, and classic equine portraiture to capturing the connection you share with your horse in an emotive manner.

  • 2 – 3 hours of photography.
  • A Beautiful 16-inch photograph signed handmade frame (16inch x 20inch approx frame size) displayed in an archival, museum standard frame of your choice.
  •  Plus a digital copy of your framed artwork
  •  10% off any additional artwork purchased.

BOOKING FEE – £100 to secure your date, the remaining balance is due a week before the commission.


Do you book commissions outside of the UK?

Yes, I do travel for clients. Just let me know where you are at and we’ll make it happen. I love photographing horses all around the world so no place is off limits!

What are your additional travel costs for a commission?

It depends on where you are and how many clients I have in the same area. If you live within 50 miles of My studio OL16 3R, UK there is no additional travel cost. If you are in other areas of the UK or even in another country the travel costs will be my travel expenses. If you are several people booking a commission or if I have several clients in a nearby area I will split the travel costs and it will be less expensive for everyone.

What happens if it's raining on the day of the commission?

If you live in the UK weather is always so unpredictable so the day before a commission I always do a last-minute weather check! If it’s suddenly forecast for torrential rain and muddy fields then we will simply reschedule your commission. For international clients, I always schedule a few days either side of the commission just incase!