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All about fine art photography commissions

May 4, 2021 | Fine art commissions | 0 comments

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As we move closer to summer, I thought I would dive a little deeper into my horse fine art photography commissions.

These days most of my horse photography is centred around creating photography prints and wall art from my latest projects for art collectors and businesses. Last year, I decided to limit the number of personal commissions I take on each year from clients in order to be able to have the time to provide the best experience for each and everyone of my lovely clients. There’s a lot of time dedicated so each session can be individually tailored to my clients needs. Lots of planning goes in to create the most perfect artwork to bring joy to their home.

During the planning phase, I really like to spend time getting to know my clients beforehand. So, I always plan a art consultation appointment in person or via Zoom. The art consultation is a great way to get to plan their horse photography session and ensure that they get the most enjoyment possible from the experience. During our chat I find out about the type of fine art horse photography they like (e.g. at liberty or a classical portrait). Armed with all the information about there horse and the type of artwork they would love to own, I get to work and plan and craft a lovely experience.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the more planning and preparing before the horse photography session the more enjoyable it is. I always share some tips to help prepare their horse so – as a little bonus – I thought I’d share some of them with you today!

 preparing-your-horse for their session guide

My main aim for any commission is to create the most beautiful, personal artwork they will ever own. Artwork comes in all shapes and sizes and can be truly inspiring and make such positive impacts on our daily lives and homes. I firmly believe that creating beautiful one of a kind artwork of your beautiful horse or indeed any pet is something so special. Sadly, our animals are not with us for long enough so being able to own a very personal piece of artwork that captures everything you love about them is an absolute must. I regularly speak to people who ask me can I create a artwork from a phone photograph of there beloved animal which has sadly passed away and more often than not the quality is too poor for anything to be done. It breaks my heart when I hear them say that they wish they had some beautiful photography captured of them. This is why after all these years I’m still passionate about creating artwork of my customers’ beloved animals as they mean everything to them.

On the morning of the session, my clients often feel a little nervous but there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll will make you feel relaxed and ready to enjoy a lovely experience which you, your family and your horse will remember for many years to come.

If you would like to enquire about my fine art commissions please head over to my commisions web page. 


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