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HAPPA is a wonderful equine charity based in Burnley, It is run by a mixture of committed passionate staff members and volunteers who take on lots of varied roles from investigating, rescuing, education, rehabilitation and re-homing. https://www.happa.org.uk/about/team/


HAPPA’s Equine Inspectors investigate over 300 cases of cruelty and neglect each year that have been reported by members of the public. HAPPA Inspectors play a key role in the coordination and enforcement of codes relating to the ‘Five Welfare Needs’ and provide expert advice and support to horse owners. They are also able to educate in such cases when an equine’s welfare is compromised due to lack of knowledge. Where possible HAPPA’s Inspectors offer guidance and assistance. However, they will take action via prosecution, or on occasion offer the ability to sign legal ownership to the care of HAPPA, where they find cases of cruelty and neglect.

Rescued equines are taken into HAPPA’s care to prevent further suffering. Where assistance is needed the Charity will sometimes work in collaboration with other welfare agencies. All equines are taken to Shores Hey Farm, Burnley where they will receive initial treatment and care in the Yvonne Gregory Isolation and Assessment Unit followed by a bespoke care and rehabilitation package.

By responding to calls from the public and other agencies regarding cruelty, neglect and abandonment they can continue to investigate and offer help to the equines who need us.

If you have concerns save a life today by completing the online form.

Happa’s vision is to make sure horses, ponies, donkeys and their hybrids that have suffered cruelty or neglect are offered a second chance by being re-homed to private homes, ensuring these new owners have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure the equine’s welfare will not be comprised during the rest of its lifetime.

Their main beliefs are – 

  1. Every rescued equine deserves a Second Chance in a Forever Home.
  2. Every equine deserves a quality lifetime instead of the main focus being longevity of life.
  3. Every equine has a purpose – rideable or companion. They all have a place in society.
  4. Education and support will help to improve standards of equine care.


A few years ago I was asked If I would like to be a volunteer at HAPPA photographing their ponies and horses for their sponsorship program.The programme enables people to support one of HAPPAS beautiful horses, ponies or donkeys being rehabilitated at Shores Hey Farm. By sponsoring the rehabilitation of HAPPA horses or ponies who has been saved from neglect and abuse HAPPA will share with you your chosen equine’s Rescue Story, daily adventures and exciting news.At Happa every rescued equine deserves a Second Chance by being re-homed to a private home. Becoming a Sponsor is a fantastic way for you to share in their success in doing just that. To find out more about the sponsorship programme please click here – https://www.happa.org.uk/sponsor-a-happa-horse/



The goal with any rehabilitated horses or pony is to eventually find their forever home. There are five rehoming categories in which you can re-home a HAPPA horse, pony or donkey, under a legally binding Agreement. They are passionate about finding the perfect match for every equine in our care, ensuring that they are placed in a loving Forever Home, or are offered the best start in life.

Looking after an equine requires a great deal of time and is a serious financial commitment. It is vital that your Application Form is completed with total honesty regarding your experiences and abilities. Every application is assessed very carefully to ensure that we chose the right Forever Home for every HAPPA equine.

Taking on a Rescue Equine can be very rewarding and is something that I would love to do in the next few years. HAPPA also understands that circumstances can change and you may need to return your loan equine, this is why HAPPA never relinquishes ownership and commits to a horse for its entire lifetime. They are ideally looking for long term homes lifetime placements and provide a support network where necessary. If you are interested in provided a forever home to one of HAPPA’s equine’s please find out more here – https://www.happa.org.uk/what-is-rehoming/



Over the years I’ve seen first hand the amazing, hard work that the staff at HAPPA do. There have been many occasions when I’ve fallen in love with a particular horse or pony, watched their journey and been over the moon when they find their forever home they deserve. 

As with many charities the global pandemic has hit them hard both through funding and through the increase of cases. I really wanted to help HAPPA as much as possible. So, I asked them how I could help further and that’s when our collaboration was born.

During the Autumn we planned a number of visits for me to capture some fine art photography of various horses and ponies at liberty being free, having fun and living their best lives. With the help of the HAPPA staff, we had an amazing time and I was able to create this special collection of photographs. In fact we had so much fun that the collaboration will continue into the New Year! Each released print will be available for purchase on my online print store and HAPPA’s online shop and will be also be displayed and available to purchase at the HAPPA store at Shores Hey Farm Black House Lane, Halifax Road, Briercliffe, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 3QU.  All proceeds will go towards the rehabilitation of each horse or pony all whilst creating beautiful artwork for your home which celebrates the heart, bravery and beauty of HAPPAS equines.   

I’m very excited to let you know that we will be announcing a date very soon (in January) for our first five print releases from this special collection in the next few days along with some extra special pricing for these limited edition fine art prints. Each print is handprinted, signed by myself and sold with much love and hope that my work can help  support this wonderful charity HAPPA

If you would like to be the first to hear about the release date of these limited edition prints so you don’t miss out please sign up to my VIP community here – https://esthertowler.com/community/

Here’s a taster of our collaboration, hope you like it! x


Remember, please sign up to my VIP community here so you don’t miss out on these beautiful HAPPA limited edition prints – https://esthertowler.com/community/



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