The Camargue horse is an ancient breed of horse indigenous to the Camargue area in southern France. Its origins remain relatively unknown, although they are generally considered one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world.

It was an absolute pleasure to witness these horses’ wild, raw beauty.I was captivated by the two polar opposites that these horses gift us. With a spirited nature, their calm eyes look into your soul.

The highlights of my trip to photograph these breathtaking horses were watching them gallop through the crashing seas and feeling the thundering hooves as they run mere inches away. Then, observe their quiet moments between themselves as they communicate, care and look after each other. 

In this series of works, I wanted to create horse art prints that celebrate Camargue’s white horses embracing their wild, free spirit. The making of this photography work was an emotional experience, connecting with such freedom searchers was empowering and being with them during their quiet times gave me a feeling of inner peace which I will always cherish.