My artwork is available to purchase online as open editions unframed or framed and limited editions. For more info on framing please see the link. To view each collection please click on the chosen gallery you wish to browse.


Open edition prints are all printed on archival papers and available in 2 sizes, unframed. Please note these prints are not limited to a print run and are not signed or numbered and are available to ship worldwide.


Limited editions are printed on archival papers. They include a certificate of authenticity complete with detailed information about the work such as the title and edition number. They are carefully printed, using the finest heavyweight 100% cotton acid-free photo paper with archival pigment inks that produce prints of unmatched quality you can truly see and feel. These are available in a print run of 15.


Original Mixed media artwork is created using a technique called photo-encaustic that uses beeswax and dammar resin as a medium to create encapsulated artwork. Layers of melted beeswax and dammar (tree sap) are painted or poured onto a fine art photography print and then fused with heat, the process is repeated many times to gradually build on texture and colour using oils, wax and pan colours to enhance my photographs.  To fully appreciate the full impact of Esther’s photo-encaustic artwork we recommend that you get in touch with Esther Marie to arrange a personal viewing or to gain more information about individual artworks.



For the last  four years I have been travelling around the UK photographing for my passion project called ‘Wild Hearts’. This is a personal project which focuses on Britain’s native rare breed horses and ponies.

White Horses of Camargue -NEW WORK coming soon!



For over twenty years ACE  has been in Egypt helping the local animals when they need it most.


Photo-encaustics is a lovely mixed media technique that uses beeswax and dammar resin as a medium to create encapsulated art work.


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