Why have custom art work in your business ?

Apr 21, 2021 | Commercial art work, Inspiration | 0 comments

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Having personal artwork in your home is always lovely to own. As a fine art photographer, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the clients I work with moved to tears when they see their beautiful photography of their beloved animals.

More and more business owners now commission me for custom wall art and digital images of their animals to elevate their brand. The commissions are not just to create pleasing working environments or beautiful hotel rooms. Having personalised wall-art can actually build trust, spark conversation with your clients and increase staff wellbeing. It is well established and scientifically proven that dogs and horses evoke positive emotions in people. Altogether, customised art will increase engagement and create a sense of community within your business.

 Companies have been incorporating animals within advertisements to build trust and likeability for many years. Research shows that dogs and horses serve as social catalysts for communication and interaction amongst people. This effect increases interactions with strangers 21-fold, and this can also be applied to level up your branding.

So, if you’re wanting to build your brand, create engagement and build staff morale then you should be looking at commissioning an artist to produce some wall art of your animals for your business space. Animal artwork in business environments have such a positive impact on businesses who rely on building connections.


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